Moottorijarrun vähentäminen ei RBW mopossa?

Aloittaja Juha_K, 11.07.15 - klo:08:46

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Ja jos haluaa, nii teoriassa tosta sun vehkeestä sais modattua RBW vehkeen. Eli poistaa vaan ensiöläpät, jättää siis akselin, niin sen jälkeen toi vehe on RBW jonka kaasuvastetta voi ohjata tolla STP kartalla.
Äkkiseltään veikkaan, että ei tuu hirveen hyvä jos tommosta yrittää.
Joo, voisi olla aika mielenkiintoinen ajaa. :D

BSB tiimipäällikön kirjoituksia aiheesta:
Mike Edwards -
"I am sure others may disagree but I cannot see any value in trying to work around either the immobiliser or this crazy idea of removing the secondaries. They serve an incredibly useful function, particularly for smoothing out the power curve but also for allow you to control the engine braking.

For any racers out there that haven't looked in to it yet, reducing the engine braking will drop your lap times more than another 10 hp or saving a few pounds here and there.


Not sure I can explain it in detail but will have a go...

The main thing that affects the balance and handling of your bike is weight transfer. You control weight transfer with the throttle, the brake and your suspension.

Weight transfer is a good thing in some cases, for example, the bike turns in better when the front is lower which happens as part of the transfer due to braking, etc.

Weight transfer to the rear when you are on the gas helps also as it increases rear end grip, assuming your suspension can cope with that level of load, but it also lifts the front which can lead you to run wide as there isn't enough weight on the front wheel.

In the middle of the corner when you have just come off the brake and are about to get on the gas the bike should be neutral, i.e. level with no weight transfer.

When you get on the gas the weight moves backwards as the rear sits down under the extra load. When you get off the gas the weight moves forward.

There are times when you want to control the weight transfer when you are off the gas. When you are braking in to a corner the weight is transferred to the front yet the engine is dictating how fast the rear can turn which invariably causes it to drag and the rear to squat. In some cases it can even cause the rear to skip or struggle to hold the line when trail braking.

Increasing the air bleed via the secondary throttle bodies and idle speed control valve reduces the engine braking as the pistons aren't pulling against the restriction o closed primaries and secondaries so can move more freely than would otherwise be the case.

This prevents the engine causing drag from the rear wheel so it doesn't squat and the bike has a better nose down balance but keeps the center of gravity higher than it otherwise would which aids turning in.

Ultimately you get more control on the speed and balance of the bike as a result."
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