Slovakiaring 18-21.4.2019

Aloittaja Lars, 07.01.19 - klo:16:37

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Tiedoksi tännekin, Helsinki Racing Club järkkää taas pyörien kuljetusta Slovakiaringille

- HelRc jäsenille 400€
- Muille 450€

HelRC varaa 2-3 varikkoboxia, n. 100€/pyörä
Ajopäivät järkkää Zenergy Racing, ratamaksu Zenergy Racingin kaupasta:

Pyörät pakataan laatikkoon edellisenä viikonloppuna pääkaupunkiseudulla, Laatikkoon mahtuu pyörän lisäksi ajokamat, toiset vanteet ja pari kumia ym. Kuski tms. henkilö koneella Wieniin ja sieltä autolla radalle.

Ilmoittautuminen kuljetukseen HelRc sivuilla

Rata on hieno ja olut on halpaa, jos sellaisesta tykkää...


"Once again, Zenergy Racing kicks off the season at Slovakiaring. A great track with a length of 5922 m and both very fast sections and technical sections.
We ride in 4 groups according to laptimes:
Yellow = slowest group, Blue = 4th fastest, Orange = 3rd fastest, Red = 2nd fastest und Black = fastest group.
We may add a fifth group. If we do so, it will be without reducing tracktime per rider.

The track is state of the art with all facilities such as gas station, restaurant, hotel and nice garages with monitors that displays live timing (or e.g. Eurosport).
Alternative hotels can be found here:

Watch onboard lap here.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday we organize races that are open for all, also riders who have never raced before. The sprint races are included in the registration fee and counts in our race series, Zenergy Challenge.
On all days, livetiming, will be available and all lap times goes directly to the internet after each session, where they can also be downloaded later.

The early bird registration fee will start at 440 €. On December 28, the fee will be increased to 480 € and later again to 520 €.
Garages (app. 5x8 m) costs 480 € for all 4 days. Also, space for one rider in a garage can be booked for 100 € for 4 days.
Use of transponder is obligatory. Transponder can be rented for 20 € for 4 days.

Preliminary time schedule can be downloaded here.
For questions, send email to tm [at]
For registration, start by choosing the group at the bottom of this page. Do not forget to end the registration by adding rider info and selecting start number. Please, only book one rider per order. However, one person (customer) can easily book for different riders by making a new booking without logging out and changing the rider info at the end of the registration process.

See you for a fantastic event at Slovakiaring!
Practice Hard, Race Easy!"
Jarrut paskana, paha hidastaa.

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