WSBK 2014

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Mistä näkisi jo ajetut wsbk ja wss kisat? Lähinnä Donington, youtuubistakin löytyy aika heikosti...
kirijota youtubeen sicco 666 sieltä löytyy linkin takaa


Iha mielenkiintosia noi ens vuoden säännöt:

Camshafts are free
Cylinder head porting is free but no welding
Valves, pistons and most major engine components must remain standard
Con-rods may be replaced with similar material but equal weight parts for safety
Crankcases standard
One set of racing gearbox ratios allowed for the whole season
Balancing rules no longer use weight, it will be intake restriction only

Price limited Superbike Kit System available to all teams in World Superbike and other FIM championships
Only approved ECU's may be used in these kits – they will be race ECU's
The software of the factory team will be available to all other teams at three points during the racing season
The Superbike Kit System must include all of the electronic parts not fitted to the standard street machine and required for the system to be fully operational (except the wiring harness)
The selling price for the Superbike Kit System will be €8000
Alternatively the Superstock Kit ECU may be used as in the 2014 EVO regulations, this is to encourage wildcard participation

Throttle body:
Ride by wire kits must be available to all teams in World Superbike and other FIM championships
Only the machine manufacturer or one appointed supplier will be allowed to provide the kit (for safety)
The price of the kits will be €2500
All non RBW machines currently utilise a solution and the control strategies are mature
Standard road bikes will adopt the use of this technology by 2017 meaning development continuity
Jarrut paskana, paha hidastaa.


Tuleeko kaikilta valmistajilta erikoisversiot mopoista? 
Uudesta Rykkösestä:
Keeping up with the development of its rivals, Yamaha is expected to unveil a revised traction control package, and also offer electronic suspension.
The cheaper street-bike offering will be available with a dual-clutch transmission, which we have already seen in Yamaha's patent filings. No word on performance specs or pricing, but we do know that the higher-spec racing version is said to have ~230hp.
While that figure is hard to swallow, we should remember that Yamaha plans to re-enter World Superbike racing, and that the EVO regulations, which will be compulsory next year, and will require manufacturers to homologate higher performing machines to the public, as engine modifications for racing will be severally limited.
The higher-spec R1 is expected to compete with the Ducati 1199 Panigale SBMW HP4, and the next iteration of the Aprilia RSV4. Thus, we would expect to see the usual suspects for top-shelf components being used, and racing-derived electronic packages being employed.
K5 1000

Perus ECU flashaus onnistuu GSX-R K5-L1 1000 ja K6-L5 600/750


Ei kestänyt Tompan kupoli kun iso johto suli. :D
K5 1000

Perus ECU flashaus onnistuu GSX-R K5-L1 1000 ja K6-L5 600/750

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